From the back cover: In 1892 Antonio Frilli sculpted "Sweet Dreams", a life-size statue of a maiden sleeping nude in a hammock. In 1915 Sweet Dreams was sent from her birthplace in Florence to San Francisco, where she was displayed for sale at the Panama Pacific Exhibition. There she was purchased to rest in the garden of a home in Piedmont. In 1998, after changes in the ownership of the home, John Hayden, an attorney and pianist, and his wife Sarah became Eva’s owners. A trip through Europe, including the Frilli Gallery in Florence, failed to confirm Eva's origin. But it did lead to John's opportunity to sell her. Then, remembering the Hawaiian legend that the Goddess Pele cursed anyone who disturbed her, John came to believe that it was Eva’s curse that caused him to suffer ten years of bad luck. When, by an inexplicable coincidence, John came to verify Eva’s origin his depression deepened. Could he afford a substitute statue by selling his beloved Steinway? No, that wouldn't be enough. In 2010, when John discovered that Andrew Lloyd Webber owns the same statue, Eva's curse was lifted! As his fiftieth anniversary present to Sarah John found a reproduction of Eva he named “Evita”. Evita now sleeps happily in the garden of the Piedmont home, where John’s Steinway remains. In his novel Gary Rinehart brings us on a historical romp through law, art, music, jazz, travel, depression and religion.


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“Nude Sleeping in a Hammock”

Gary’s Novel: “Nude Sleeping in a Hammock”

Gary Rinehart, Attorney & Pianist

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Gary’s Novel: “Nude Sleeping in a Hammock”

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“Nude Sleeping in a Hammock”